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The Johns Hopkins University: Homewood Schools

Academic Council

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Academic Council Procedures Manual

Presidential Charge to the Homewood Academic Council

The mission of the Academic Council is to preserve and enhance the academic excellence of the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences and the Whiting School of Engineering. The Academic Council is charged to pursue this mission, whether directly or through its duly appointed subcommittees and designees, in ways including but not limited to the following:

First, the Academic Council will review all candidates for faculty appointments and promotions, and will recommend for appointment or promotion those candidates it approves.

Second, the Academic Council will review all proposals for new degrees and new majors and minors in the Krieger and Whiting Schools, and will consider all matters of curricular and instructional policy that, in the Council's judgment, have a significant bearing on the quality of the Schools' academic programs.

Third, the Academic Council will conduct periodic reviews of all departments in the Krieger and Whiting Schools; at the Council's discretion, it will also review centers, institutes, and administrative units that in its judgment, have a significant influence on the quality of the Schools' academic programs.

Fourth, the Academic Council will advise the Deans, the Provost and the President on academically important questions of institutional policy and strategy.

Fifth, the Academic Council will review all candidates for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in all academic units of the Johns Hopkins University, and will recommend the awarding of this degree to those candidates it approves.

Sixth, in accordance with the relevant policies and procedures, the Academic Council will consider cases of alleged academic misconduct, faculty discipline, and appeals from negative promotion decisions, and will take action as necessary.

Seventh, the Academic Council will advise the administration regarding academic grievances that are brought before the Council by the Deans, the Provost, or the President; or that are brought to the Council's attention by its subcommittees or, in what it deems to be extraordinary cases, by members of the faculty.

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